Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Well, That Wasn't So Bad!

It  was a great birthday for me. I feel very blessed and very grateful. : )

In fact, when I woke up Monday morning after the fore-written about depression, I noticed how much joy I felt. The point I want to get to is that because of this experience, I was able to learn that all my hard work is paying off because I'm absolutely noticing the depth of Self Love that really is a part of me now. : )

I always say there's a gift in every problem (but I borrowed that from Richard Bach's books)(Like Illusions), since back in my early 20s. Had Richard not had his issues that affected me, and my birthday dinner not been a bust, I may not have learned how much I've grown in Self Love. Self Love being everything! It would change the world if everyone remembered Who they are.

Monday was great, Tuesday, my 60th birthday was even better. So Much Love. So many love bombs showered upon me from all over. Love you, Facebook friends! Love you Soberistas! Love you Eric and Kathe! ADORE you my daughters. Look at the beautiful cards they made me.

Richard texted me yesterday morning that for my present he's going into counseling to find out if he has the unresolved issues with women like I think (know!) he has. I  was super surprised and grateful, and happy for him. Who among us doesn't have issues? Sometimes it takes others to point ours out for us.