Friday, February 3, 2017

Things Are Shaping Up Pretty Good---Well, Almost

I'm going to rock the hell out of being 60. And then I'm going to rock the hell out the decade of 60. Yeah!

Starting this chapter almost two months into permanent sobriety makes my whole being sing.

Dealing with the aging process and having debilitating chronic illnesses is going to inspire me again, like it hasn't for many years.

I'm back to walking three mornings a week at my beloved sanctuary, Mission Trails Regional Park, and I'm going to join a gym again after many years, and do the anaerobic machines three mornings a week like I used to do.

Of course, those plans have to be very flexible as often the body says "NO."

I'm the heaviest I've been in years too. How'd that happen?! Geesh! Never ever would have believed I'd reach the weight again that I struggled at so many years ago! But, alas, I have. Weight is a subjective thing and should mostly be about health and what each person feels comfortable with. It's so fucking hard for me to lose weight. For example, I've been eating lighter again all year, have cut way back on the sugar, gluten, and dairy I consumed during the holidays, have been exercising again........and not one pound dropped! Beyond frustrating!!! Not to mention having quit drinking! I sooo deserve to get back "my" preferred body. Don't I??!!