Saturday, February 4, 2017

The Truth About My Eyes

These are the only orange clip-ons I could find on amazon, and yes, they are heavy. I just started wearing them when I'm on my laptop. I'm hoping it will prevent my eyesight from deteriorating any further. When I go for my walks at my beloved Mission Trails, and look up at the beautiful blue sky, I don't even see blue anymore---I see a gray and black haze. It's like I'm looking through nylons. The sky is absolutely covered with billions of hazy gray and black dots massed together. In addition to that I have floaters, tons of them.

And guess what folks? As is always the case for me no matter what I go to any doctor for since getting ME/CFS, two eye doctors and one opthamologist said "I don't see anything" when they do an exam. Not only that, they simply dismiss the whole thing and offer me no solace or information about what it could be and what caused it.

When I suggested to them that I think it's my laptop because the problem didn't start until I got my first laptop, they dismissed that idea, so, of course, so did I. And guess what? The problem has continued to progress and it's scary. I read an article at about orange lenses protecting eyes somewhat from certain things (I'm sorry, it was a while ago I read it and I don't recall the details), so I got these in desperation.

My theory is that because my glasses are so magnified, the light from the laptop is burning my retinas.

Being a real Sky Person, losing my joy of gazing up at it and appreciating its beauty is traumatizing. So much so that it kept me from going to Mission Trails (the only place I go for walks) for the past couple years or so. But I've decided to stop complaining because it doesn't help. And I've chosen not to be afraid anymore either. I've embraced my fate because it is what it is. And after all, this is just ONE lifetime!!

I might add that another disturbing thing that's been going on is bright flashes of light in the sides of my eyeballs when I move my eyes to the right or left!

Here's more fun facts about my incredible eyes!:

Born cross-eyed; had two surgeries at age four.
Can only use one eye at a time; my left eye is dominant. I only use my right eye, by choice, to watch TV (you know, to give it something to do!)
Extremely farsighted.
Severe astigmatism.

. . .All the retina specialist ophthalmologist told me whenever it was I saw him (one or two years ago) was to call him immediately if I have another ocular migraine. I saw geometrical shapes, mostly triangles, in bright colors moving across my vision, that lasted for 20 minutes. It freaked me out!
I think I'll make an appointment with him soon anyway. But he's just going to say the same thing he said last time, that he doesn't see a problem.