Monday, February 20, 2017

So Much Beauty Today!

Courtesy of Mission Trails Regional Park and my cellphone!

And, apparently, because it's President's Day, there were soo many people out there enjoying nature on this holiday. Pleasing to me was the diversity in the smiling folks I saw! Let's see.... black, white, Mexican, Asian, Middle Eastern, German or Austrian....all but the African Americans and Caucasians speaking in foreign languages. Would that I were a photographer with a professional looking camera I would have asked to take photographs of each of them. Beautiful People. I have to say this too---given that this was "Klantee" (the term the kids named Santee when they were in high school there), the melting pot this morning meant even more to me!

Disappointingly, when you enlarge the video windows you end up with a blurry view, so either way you can't really see what I saw!