Wednesday, February 8, 2017

More Video Logs

First of all, I had a non-drinking drinking dream last night! I love when that happens. I'm almost two months alcohol-free and I dreamt that a couple of friends asked me for support because they were having some tough times and needed someone to listen. Of course I said yes. Then one of them shoved a shot glass in my hand and pulled out some sort of hard liquor; probably white tequila because it was clear. Maybe vodka. And as she's filling my glass I said NO and tried to pull away which only spilled booze everywhere. So I let her simply fill the thing. But then I didn't drink it. I think I said "You ought to try cannabis instead. It's very healing." 

So, yesterday I was pretty sick and crashy due to Monday's one mile walk. Today's videos speak for themselves.

Do you want to know where I got the idea to start video journals? Good ole Frankie of the Netflix series Grace and Frankie. Feels like too long in-between new seasons!

I love the beauty of nature at Mission Trails!