Friday, February 17, 2017

It Was HORRID Out There -- But At Least There Was This Flower

Maybe despite what's in my best interests (I don't know. Nobody knows with this disease. ME/CFS), I remained consistent in my routine of going to Mission Trails (every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday since Feb 1st), for a mile walk --- but it was cut dramatically short by something that was simply too much for me.

Suddenly, from a side-trail, two school-buses-full of middle-schoolers emerged behind me walking down the road I was on -- They were SINGING THE PRAISES OF TRUMP. Singing the praises of The Predator In Chief. Many wearing the red hats that say you know what.

I stopped in my tracks, made a U-y to the other side of the road, and headed back to my car less than 1/4 mile away where I had seen the school buses parked. I stared at those innocent kids with dismay all over my face as I passed by them. That hurts me. I ALWAYS smile at kids.

OK, so obviously not all of them were chanting, "Yay, Trump!", but it felt like it.

Sheep To The Slaughter.

I Want To Die.

Here's a beautiful flower though that I captured digitally before the trauma. The first of just a few to bloom this year so far.