Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Well, Y'all, I Made It To My One-Month Soberversary!

And thank GodGoddessUniverse I did, because I was such an Idiot when I was on alcohol!!

And I want to apologize profusely for that, and to anyone who was effected by that on Facebook and in emails and on the phone!!!!

Thank You for loving me and hanging in there with me.

I feel the most grounded and the most peaceful and the most joyful and the most grateful I think I've ever felt in sobriety. And of course I blogged about the reasons in my featured post in the right margin, which is three posts in one because there was a lot that happened since I received the healing that started in mid November.

And Thank You for reading my blog, and please do subscribe to it! I won't let you down! : )

I haven't had a full month alcohol-free since probably when I did my sober year in 2012. I ended up writing my memoir then!

I Am So Filled With Love For Life For GodGoddessUniverse For All My Peeps