Saturday, January 7, 2017

Well, Then, Welcome Soberistas!

After posting yesterday I 'splored Soberistas (link in right margin), and feel quite comfortable there thus far! There's even a group for 60+ year-olds, and, of course, I'm almost that age (this month)!

I feel I'm supposed to help and inspire others as much, or more, than they help and inspire me. : )
I truly do feel that I was given a quantum moment miracle healing last month where all my cravings, thoughts, and desires to drink---as well as all my FEAR about not being able to stay stopped drinking---were lifted. (Story in my featured post in right margin.)

And since this story is true and still holding, I have a responsibility to pay it forward, and to live in gratitude every single day over this.

I'm So Happy Being Alcohol-Free!  "And you can too!"