Sunday, January 1, 2017

Our Ball-less Happy New Year!

What happened to the ball, CNN?!
The weirdest thing happened last night here on the west coast!
There was no ball and no ball dropping and no countdown to midnight!
There we were, TV tuned-in at 11:56, our toast-glasses of sparkling cider at the ready, waiting to cheer in the New Year as we do every year!
Midnight rolled around and nothing happened!!!
For the first time in my history there was no ball---it was just, I guess, the live action of Times Square, after the ball had dropped?

CNN forgot about us this year? Forgot to run the rerun of the happening for us?!
Which is so apropos for 2016, ain't it!
We were just left there with our mugs raised and looking at each other with dazed looks on our faces!
And trying not to get paranoid!
But we quickly switched gears, laughed, made jokes, and relished in gratitude and joy for each other in our little family, as we toasted in our ball-less New Year!
And we are all wondering if it is going to turn out to be symbolic somehow for 2017!