Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Never Have I Ever Had A Cat Do This To Me Before!

(OK, now it's a funny story!) He peed on my floor in my bedroom this morning! And it destroyed my leather portfolio binder and all the papers inside! And I think he did it simply because I didn't get up when he wanted me to! You know, to feed him and let him out to do cat things until Second Breakfast! We have two almost-4-year-old cat brothers, Tom Sawyer (the culprit) and Huck Finn. Because of Tom's young age it's clear he wasn't trying to tell me he has some health issue. He's very healthy. No, he's apparently just incorrigible?! He's an orange tabby, does that mean anything??

It was only just after 8 a.m. the same time one of the cats usually cries at my door to come in for some lovin' before I drag my weary bones out of bed for the morning routine. I let Tom in and sleepily pet him for awhile on the bed to his contented purring. A few minutes later he jumped down and started meowing as he usually does to rouse me --- And then this ridiculous action just happened! Yes--They Have A Cat Box!!

I was so incensed, I spritzed him once with the enzyme spray I was using to clean up his smelly mishap, and he fled the scene of the crime. Because, yes, he was right there still insisting I feed him NOW! Then, back in the kitchen, I put their ID collars on, put First Breakfast in their bowls, but only gave Huck his, right in front of Tom, and I picked Tom up and tossed him (forcefully but gently) out the back door! So there! Dumb cat! Take that! (Hope it works!! Hope he never tries anything that stupid again!)

He came in like 30 minutes later to eat. Yes, he acted as if nothing happened! Smug bastard! 

I've had cats all my life, and this is a first.