Friday, January 6, 2017

Loving Being Alcohol-Free, And For Me I Am Doing It Alone

I haven't blogged for a while, but it's not because my sobriety has been threatened---it hasn't!

My sobriety is in-check and is well-grounded and is blissful thus far!

Today I left Quantum Sobriety (link in right margin) after just one month with them. I simply haven't participated much (even though it's a good and helpful group), and I don't like throwing money away. (Choke! Thinking about how much money I threw away on booze!)

I did sign-up for the free trial of Soberistas again to see how it feels there! Last time I was there, whenever it was, I didn't seem to get much support, but maybe it was just me---you know, something I said or something!

The stories I have shared here on my blog recently about the miracle healings I received that saved me from alcohol and from a white-knuckling sobriety are still true and still holding. One is a featured post now. Scroll down to read it in the right margin.

Until Divine Intervention happened for me, I was white-knuckling it, was full of fear, and didn't know how I was going to stay stopped drinking!

I'm only a little concerned that doing sobriety on my own will eventually lead back to drinking again. I have to have faith that it really is my fate that alcohol is out of my life for good now. I do know that most people who quit an addiction do it on their own, and that's a checkable fact.

I don't trust my Booze Beast and that's why I joined Soberistas today. Even though I know quitting drinking is an inside job and that I shouldn't and won't be dependent on anything outside myself (and GodGoddessUniverse) for my sobriety.

I know I won't stay with Soberistas after my free-trial expires. I know myself. I'm not a joiner. I'm not a group person.

I'm admitting right now that I'm simply feeling nervous about not having sobriety support via a formal group. And that's why I'm blogging about it.

But, there's another cool thing that happened recently. My daughter went to a New Year's Eve party where she was drinking and I didn't even have the slightest angst over it, nor was I triggered. This is a first for me.


....Immediate Update: I just discovered that there's really no access to much of anything at Soberistas without paying, so I decided to pay for a 3-month membership, which was only $15 total. Gosh, QS was over 20 bucks for just one month.