Thursday, December 1, 2016

Thank You, Doreen Virtue, For Your Inspiring Words About Jesus : )

Personally, I have loved Him since I was a little kid, in a non-religious way. I know Him to be our exemplar who never intended for us to worship Him. : )

"Jesus is non-denominational and helps everyone equally." From her e-newsletter:

As we enter the holiday season, we frequently see the sentiment, “Peace on Earth.” Yet, news stories can make it seem that the world is going crazy . . . and it can make you feel crazy yourself. You and I can't allow darkness to pull us down, however, as we were sent to earth for a reason. That’s why I'd like to share my personal story of Jesus, as I feel the world needs him more now than ever.

When I was 17, I graduated from high school and moved out of my parents’ home to live with my friend Kathy in her home in the California desert. She and I worked menial jobs to pay our bills, and we didn't have much of a plan for our lives, nor did we consider college as an option. Our focus was on driving her old convertible car down the desert highways to watch sunsets while listening to rock music.

About a month after moving in with Kathy, we were struggling to pay rent and buy food, her boyfriend was grouchy, and it wasn't as much fun as I'd imagined. I went into my room that night with prayers and questions about what to do next. Should I move home? Apply for another job?

As I lay upon my bed, I saw a clear vision of three people floating and coming near me. I recognized one as Jesus and the other as Mother Mary. I didn't recognize the third person, but knew he was a holy man. I could see them coming toward me. My first thought was that I was dying and they were coming to take my soul to heaven. Yet, I didn't want to leave, so I resisted them. I fought against them coming near me, but they kept moving toward me. Terrified, I moved across the room and they bee-lined in my direction. Finally, something shifted in me and I surrendered to the moment. I decided that if it was my time to go, so be it. I relaxed and waited for them to take me to Heaven. Yet as they got to me, they passed right through my head and body!

I gasped, shook, and instantly realized: “I've been born again!” From that moment, I started caring about the direction of my life. I moved back home with my parents and enrolled in college. I read the Bible, and constantly consulted with God, Jesus, and Mother Mary. They helped me through challenges, and taught me important life lessons.

I imagine what this world would be like if everyone would regularly talk with God, Jesus, and Mother Mary. When I was first introduced into the “new age world” as an author and workshop teacher, many people cautioned me not to talk openly about Jesus. They explained that people were turned off by Jesus because of organized religions and patriarchy. So I kept my beliefs to myself, and would only occasionally talk about Jesus.

Yet I realized in teaching about God and the angels, that I was only giving my audiences part of the necessary help that we need in the world today. So I began teaching more openly about Jesus and Mother Mary. And contrary to the warnings that new age events producers had given me, I found audience members VERY receptive to me discussing Jesus and Mother Mary.

Perhaps it's because I have developed a personal relationship with Jesus, and have complete trust in his goodness and purity. He never inflicts guilt or fear, nor has he ever emphasized the crucifixion to me. When I meet others who have a personal relationship with him, they tell me the same. We all agree that Jesus is here to teach us how to overcome the ego’s traps of selfishness and fears.

In the most loving, gentle and yet strong way, Jesus taught me to be aware of the ego. The ego is completely focused on what it can get, and it can trick us into selfishness which is disguised as worrying whether we will have enough money, or whether people like us, etc. The key is to be aware of this process, and always be honest with yourself about your true motives. The ego’s wants can never be fulfilled, nor does it lead to lasting happiness. The ego is always bored and wanting stimulation and its vanity complimented as being special and better than others. The ego loves drama and power-struggles. Everyone goes into their egos occasionally, and what's important is to recognize when it occurs and then turn to God for help. God is within each of us, as we are within God, so all prayers are heard and answered in non-ego ways.

I also came across dozens of YouTube videos under the search words “Jesus NDE” posted by people from around the world on different YouTube channels, all who’d had near-death experiences (NDE). I encourage you to search for and watch these videos, as they're life-changing. Each video shows a person who met Jesus in heaven. Most of them didn't believe in Jesus before this happened, but they definitely did afterwards! Sometimes it takes a profound spiritual experience or tragedy before we allow Jesus into our lives, just as I did back when I was 17.

The world is at a pivotal place right now, and there are leaders and elite who are following their egos into the darkness of power-hunger and selfishness. Jesus says that these people weren't raised in loving homes, and were taught in childhood that their only value was in being “better” than others. Their only pursuit is pleasure and power, in a misguided effort to feel happy and loved. Tragically, their addiction to pleasure and power is hurting us all and threatening our world’s ecology.

Jesus says that we can either curse those who do evil, or pray for them. They aren't happy people, that's for sure, and they are confused as to where to find happiness. We can also pray for guidance and courage about what actions steps to take, to help restore the world to God’s will of peace.

I have found happiness, guidance, and courage through the pure and unconditional love of God, Jesus, Mother Mary, and the angels. They want to connect with us all, regardless of our religious beliefs. They teach that the only way to true and lasting happiness is through being generous and charitable, not through selfishness. That being sober and honoring our bodies shows respect for our Creator. And that it's more important to help others, rather than trying to impress others, or make them jealous of you.

My prayer is that we can look past the seeming religious divides and focus upon our one God, and the amazing help offered to us all by Jesus, Mother Mary, and the angels.