Thursday, December 8, 2016

I Love You I Forgive You I Love You I Forgive You I Love You I Forgive You

That was the mantra I soothed my soul with throughout the night and early morning during my waking moments.

Yesterday was needed, you see.

And today I'm happy to be back on my alcohol-free track! I absolutely prefer being a non-drinker! Woot! I'll continue on with my daily meditations for giving up my addiction, in the Quantum Sobriety program, or as they call it "programme." Love them Brits! That's where QS is from. Although I'm pretty sure Jo De Rosa is an Aussie! And her voice is so lovely and soothing in the guided meditations. I love Australian accents!

I honor and respect myself for doing what I needed to do last night. I refuse to berate or beat myself up as I always did in the past. Mistakes happen and are a part of the process. I won't give up on this program and daily meditations and the QS Facebook support.

I'll continue to grow in sobriety and in training myself to thrive in it always. Will I allow myself to drink once a month if I really need to? I think so.

I'm proud of myself for not keeping this a secret. I didn't blast it on Facebook, and I didn't burden my Loves, but I told the truth in here for all to see, should they stop by.

We are only as sick as our secrets.

From The 30-Day Sobriety Solution 
A book I did before