Monday, December 19, 2016

Divine Intervention Spared Me From Having To Return To 'CultAA' :)

First off, I can't call it "CultAA" without offending people, and I'm truly sorry about that. But I'm being honest in my feelings and experience. It really is a cult; a cult of a different kind, but a cult nonetheless. Do your own research. !

I love this story I'm about to tell!

About 10 years ago I vowed never to return to CultAA after having fully immersed myself in it off and on over a couple decades. I made that vow not because I wanted to drink but because the organization did me more harm than good. As is true for thousands of folks.

Well, during this last bout with problem drinking on account of I'm an alcoholic and can't drink normally for very long,....I should back up in this tale to tell you that I have tried every sobriety organization available since leaving CultAA......desperate to STAY STOPPED drinking, after my last drink ever on December 9th, I surrendered to whatever it would take, and I opened my heart and mind to giving CultAA another chance.

I picked a speaker meeting in Hillcrest (gay area of San Diego), thinking it would be the least-religious and have the most open-minded people, not to mention the most politically correct thinkers.

My youngest millennial daughter, Bethany, hesitantly agreed to go with me for moral support. After all, how to go back there all by myself the first time?!

I had 24 hours to change my mind before the meeting time rolled around! I surprisingly did not change my mind! Bethany and I agreed to attempt this endeavor as an experiment. (Smart!) Driving there that evening I kept remarking, "I can't believe we're doing this!" She couldn't either.

All I knew was that I was determined never to drink again but that the search was on to find the right help.

Here's the note Bethany wrote me on my last drunk 12/9. I put it on my wall! I had told my daughters not to be afraid to confront me about my drinking, and voilĂ !:

At this point in my journey I really thought that CultAA was my only option for permanent sobriety, and that I had been in denial about not needing them. After all, they programmed it into my mind that I was powerless and couldn't live a sober life or a good life without them. Maybe they were right after all?

We approached the connecting ramp to 163 South that would take us to our destination.....Slam on the breaks! Let out a scream! Stop the car! Total gridlock on the long two-lane 163 ramp! The traffic was at a standstill! Being rather tuned-in to promptings from the universe, it only took me a matter of moments to recognize that because it would be impossible to make it to the meeting, it was absolutely Divine Intervention saving us from going to that meeting, and sparing me from mistakenly or unnecessarily breaking my vow! And clearly that was true because I felt relaxed in my body over that understanding; and also, we were stopped right at the fork, which allowed us to escape around the barrier back onto the freeway! ....By the way, it was a Sunday evening around 6:30 p.m., so it wasn't commuter traffic.

You never saw two more relieved and smiley women! Great chat and laughter ensued all the way to Starbucks back in our neighborhood in Fletcher Hills---where I treated my beloved girl, who had been so willing to make such a sacrifice for me, to a hot cocoa!

Ever since that truly sacred moment I have felt entirely grounded in sobriety and entirely confident that GodGoddessUniverse would bring me the help that was right for ME. ALL MY FEAR AND DOUBT IN MYSELF ABOUT HOW TO STAY SOBER HAD MELTED AWAY.

And sure enough, that help was a brand new MINDSET of DECLARING what I want and owning it (thus my mouse-art in right margin!), which also brought the Prince of Peace (see pic at bottom of right margin) closer into my heart---affirming that "I Am The Light, The Light I Am"---and also happily making me realize that for now, the new Quantum Sobriety group I had found (link in right margin) would be helpful and enough support for me!

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