Monday, November 21, 2016

Now It's Up To Me

Angels are relatively new to my understanding. Three years ago I started learning about them, and so they came into my life. They are very real. They are our buddies whom we ought to speak to as friends. They Love Us Unconditionally! They are just waiting to help us! We have but to ask!

Now it's up to me to hold-on to the healing I received (per my last couple of posts)... like by saying "Thank You" in my heart to Matt and the angels a lot! You know what I mean? Remembering to live in gratitude, as a rule, as much as possible! 

These angel wings jumped out at me at Michael's the other day, when my family and I were joyfully shopping for our annual one-ornament-each for the Christmas tree next month. It was the only ornament of its kind left on the rack! There it was, just for me! I will look at my angel wings hovering above my bed (My Throne, where I mostly live) every time I think about drinking. (I see green energy in the first pic, taken at night. Archangel Raphael?!) : )