Friday, November 18, 2016

Note To Self: I'm So Proud Of Me Right Now

Given my life-situation of having to live in bed (My Throne) for 20+ hours a day for the past 19 years, I'm NOT overusing Internet, Social Media, Smart Phone, Sugar, TV (well, maybe a little), cannabis ...... only alcohol........ and that's healed and gone now; no mo booze! I eat as healthy as I can and take supps. I don't take meds.

If I could spend more time in gratitude, and in feeling good about myself, life would feel better!

We all deserve this! We all deserve more love not less! (Thanks, Matt Kahn!)

I notice that I get high-strung on a dime. The littlest things stress me out internally to the max, like when Blogger acts up, or my DVR does. Wow. That's a horrible thing to do to myself.

I have a new mantra, "STOP AND BREATHE" when I catch myself getting crazy-in-the-head over nothing. Then when I simply STOP whatever it is I'm doing and focus on my breathing for even a moment ---- MiracleMagic happens!

It's easy to get strung-out-stressed being on the Internet for an extended period, like when I created this blog.

It's even easier to get strung-out-stressed watching the news, and I only watch MSNBC (Rachel, Lawrence, and Brian), Real Time, and Last Week Tonight.