Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Angelic Healing From Alcohol Abuse (bears repeating!)

From Monday 11/14/16 Angel Academy 7 class, call 2
I bravely entered a question online saying something about that I was drunk and wondering about if I was an alcoholic, and if it was affecting my ability to receive this lesson..... and to my great wonderment, Julie seems to have seen me and immediately presented it to Matt.

Needless to say, I woke up Tuesday morning feeling as if I'd received a healing and I QUIT DRINKING. (I'd felt that alcohol was the only way I could cope with the political stress, among other things.) What is doubly remarkable is that I was so desperate for help to stop, I had been seriously considering going back to CultAA -- which I vowed never to return to almost 10 years ago because it did me more harm than good all those decades I was in and out of it. Mercifully, and I do mean mercifully!, for me, unbeknownst to him, Matt also cut the cord between me and that toxic old paradigm for good, I believe; in my perception! So, I received a double healing! I Felt FREE! And so far I still do! I transcribed this from the recording:

Julie:   ....If we can face things head-on and not having to get lost in the drugs and alcohol....forms of escapism... to not look at it because it's too painful, and too hard to feel and go through..... Cuz we're all in this together.

Matt: Yes, because of the multidimensional nature of this transmission, and because we are showing respect to the Akashic Records and the universe in the work that we do, I always advise everyone when we participate in these calls.... and watching the be free of all influences, all drugs ---- alcohol. Because when you're on something, even when you're part of this kind of experience, your subconscious mind is still taking in the healing energy... but it's kind of held in a cosmic bank account until your body sobers up out of the intoxicants.

So, it's not like things get in the way of this transmission, I'm not speaking superstitiously just delays the progress and healing that can occur right now when we are artificially altered. So my best advice to YOU, anyone on this call, and especially throughout your life, and I'll even say this just to broaden this.... because we're living in accelerated times, because we're literally already in the gravitational acceleration of ascension... now is the perfect time to be as healthy, alkaline, and as SOBER AS POSSIBLE.

......It's one thing in history when souls are like 'wow, we have so much time before we get into that trajectory....we have so much incubation time where we can just check-out'...and I understand why a lot of people do check-out because on a soul level being intoxicated on drugs or alcohol is kind of on a very unconscious level giving the soul the remembrance and the taste of what your energy is going to feel like in the future.

But we're not in a position of waiting for the future. We're actually in the acceleration of becoming and manifesting that future. So, in order for us to really allow the things we've always wanted, which is the full embodiment of our divinity, and to bring that divinity to life, and to manifest the most miraculous environments and possibilities for all of us to enjoy together as one, my invitation to you is: Now is the time in life to get as healthy as possible, as alkaline as possible, and to be as SOBER as possible.




Because this is the time in history where this reality is such fertile ground for your highest expansion and evolution, that you wouldn't want to be altered, and to miss being fully present; For Any Second Of This.

This is not just the lifetime we've all incarnated and waited for, this is the TIME in incarnation we've been waiting for. And the reason everyone either felt chaos or excitement when the election happened? represented the changing of the guard.... not politically....a changing of the guard vibrationally. And we start to feel like 'My God, this is the time I came to be really alive, this is the time I really came for' --- even if you don't know what you're feeling.

So this is the time when we would honor, reverence, and respect that this is where everything accelerates and conspires in our highest favor. And in order to accept those gifts that life has been waiting so long to give you? We have to meet life in our clearest, most mindful, most respectful......AND MOST SOBER.....self. That's how life knows you're ready. And anything that would arise as a result of that? On behalf of the Akashic records, it is truly my honor, and Julie's honor, to be with you, and to serve the evolution of your journey, with compassion, miraculous grace, and heart-centered joy.

Julie: And a reminder to love what arises..... love the you who experiences that.