Tuesday, November 29, 2016

More Thoughts About My Sobriety And Cannabis

Last night at bedtime I tried a single bong hit of Purple FX and I slept like a dream! I woke up smiling and thanking the universe.

You know, it's taking me a long time to not only warm-up to using cannabis (off and on since 2011)(smoked a lot of pot in my youth though), but to learn and practice not being triggered to DRINK when I use it.... which is probably the biggest reason I don't use cannabis during the day or evening, and why it's taking me this long to even use it more often at bedtime.

Even during my 1 1/2 alcohol-free months between August and September, when I thought I had quit drinking for good, I'm wondering if using cannabis during the day triggered me to drink again. I mainly tried to teach myself to microdose. It was not the main trigger, but it may have been one. I have to train myself to love cannabis INSTEAD of booze. And I Will. It seems almost the only time I liked to use marijuana was when I was drinking, and I'd use it to get high and to help me stop drinking more.

I actually am feeling kind of creepy inside and a little nervous and sick as I write this. I have a lot of nervousness and some fear when I think about all these things, that is, when I think about drinking. I'm determined to remain alcohol-free for life, after all my starts and stops. Maybe NOW is MY TIME to be FREE.

Cannabis is SUCH a Miraculous Healing Medicine for SO MANY THINGS, and I will continue to learn more and more (resources in right margin). I love helping to educate and support others regarding cannabis use. Just think what toxic, harmful meds most people could get off of if they switched to Nature's Healing Plant! Not to mention how many people have gotten off alcohol because of THC/CBD!

I absolutely have NO interest in getting high at this juncture. I seek only to use cannabis as a healing tool.

I'm GLAD I'm not giving up on myself; teaching myself to prefer cannabis over beer and wine and champagne and tequila and vodka, and to never be triggered by cannabis to drink! THOUSANDS of people have done this! (Let's not forget about Stephen King!)